Important Memo To Love and Iron Project Followers: 5/3/12

So we’ve analyzed the numbers, and it’s time to advance the Project.

After a month of promoting the Love and Iron concept and testing different strategies, we’ve decided to tighten-up our positioning, step on the gas, and really get things movin’.

Here’s What This Means For You:

We started this project with a mission of cooperative outreach championing for the empowerment, success, and happiness of parents and children.

Family Law Reform is one of our primary projects, and one that we intend to work hard to resolve as quickly as possible.  Because the sooner we end the abuses and exploitation of non-custodial parents along with the child-abusive behaviors of parental alienation, the better for everyone.

And to this end, we see our role as one of creating publicity, influencing public perception, assisting reform organizations, helping non-custodial parents in coming together, and if need be, finding an organization, cause, or individual who can best help them work through a Family Law system that is, for lack of a better term; remarkably disgusting.  

The “Jiggles McBouncy Scholarhip Initiative” is a longer-term and permanent project. 

We rolled it out right away, but truthfully, we didn’t expect it to generate much if any activity until our following gets substantially larger.

Never the less, we felt it was important to familiarize folks with the program right at the beginning so newcomers would have a clear understanding about the entirety of our presence and what we’re about.

And Lastly….

We’ve decided to develop the final phase of our macro strategy; which we’ve labeled The Graceful Influence Project.

Some of you have probably noticed we’ve been experimenting with various messaging strategies that involve motivational thoughts around the theme of cooperation, influence, and achievement. 

And actually, the statistical analysis of The Love and Iron Facebook Page validates that our most viral, most powerful messages are born out of strategies for personal leadership and accomplishment.


You’ll see several things going forward:

  • A slight re-positioning of our presence away from intense activism toward messaging that has the potential to reach and attract a broader audience.  In other words, when folks land on our page, they’ll see about 85% to 90% educational messaging; and 10% to 15% or so activism.  This will help us expand our base while preserving both the integrity and urgency of the core project of Family Law Reform.
  • We’re so delighted at the response we’ve gotten from our cooperative outreach, and now we’re going to focus more on helping each of you expand your influence and your following.
  • And lastly, we’ll be rolling out a blog series under the Graceful Influence label that will be focusing on showing you and your kids ways to develop and employ successful influence strategy for the purposes of personal and professional accomplishment.   

So basically, and in a nutshell:

  1. We’re going to reach past our existing community of already engaged activists to those who could really use some help, but don’t know where to find it.
  2. We’re going to be supplying extra resources to promote, publicize, and support organizations committed to empowering families and children.
  3. We know we’re NOT going to influence the values of those who have a lot to lose from Family Law reform, or, from those who simply don’t care about it.  So we’re adjusting our efforts to better engage a productive conversation with those folks who might not yet be comfortable with the intensity of our what you’re going through, but who are willing to stand-up for what’s reasonable and right. 
  4. And lastly, you’ll be seeing more programs and sub-projects designed to advance both the near-term and permanent objectives of the Project.

We’re here to assist you; individuals and organizations alike.

We belive children and parents need champions.

And we’re thankful you’re willing to let us help you.

Warmest Regards,



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