Loving With Letters: Danny Draw Sawyer

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

This is a horrible story from one of our followers:

“As I sit here trying to find myself not even knowing just how lost I am, I look back over the last year of my 37 year life and realize just how much I have lost.

I was retired from the US Army in February of 2012 due to injuries I received while serving in Iraq. Last October, my wife of 9 ½ years, and the mother of our two children, comes to me and explains just how unhappy she is and that we both deserve to be happy.

She said that after a lot of thought she has decided that she wants a divorce.

I ask her if she was absolutely sure to which she replied yes. She asked me to move out of the very house that I built; one that was built around my disabilities.

The following week I packed a couple of bags and started renting a room from someone I found on Craigslist. I told her when I moved out that she could stay in the house for one year and I would pay all the bills and still give her money on top of that so she could find a job (she never worked during our marriage even though I asked her all the time to get a job) and get on her feet, and I did just that.

I paid all the bills and on top of that gave her between $1000 – $1200 a month. I guess she wanted more. Now almost a year later she has taken me to court once for child support and alimony. I thought for sure that our judicial system would take care of me during this process. I am not a drunk, I have never hit her, and I was always at home and feel that I am a great father to our children.

She never worked, she always stayed home. Now after going to court, I have been ordered to give her 73% of my disability income.

I cannot work now due to my disabilities so making more money is not an option. I have lost everything due to this. I have nothing of value left to sell.

I am not writing this to get pity from anyone. I am simply writing this to voice that this is the world that we live in. I did everything right. But yet the court still feels the need to punish me simply because I am the father and not the mother. How is this fair?

How have we, as a society, let it come to this? Not every man going through a divorce has done something wrong. Why should we be punished for the decisions of the woman?

Car – Repossessed, Furniture – Repossessed, 2800 sq. ft. house – In Foreclosure, every gun I owned sold for near nothing.

I make too much money for government assistance and now live day-to-day on bread and bologna, and have run out of bread. With the amount of money that the court is leaving me every month I can pay my rent or my car payment or buy food, but only one of those.

My power is about to be disconnected as well as my phone. Out of all the things I have lost, the thing that hurts me the most is losing the respect of my children.

Please repost this, I would like the world to know how good men are being treated in our courts.


Danny Draw Sawyer”



4 thoughts on “Loving With Letters: Danny Draw Sawyer

  1. Michael,

    Please call your local bar association and see if you can get references on lawyers that are low cost or free, some are even pro bono. You should of never left that house, you should of told her to leave.

    Get an agreement set on custody and support. Can anyone from VA give any assistance as well ??

    • Michael,

      Cory is well intentioned, but completely wrong. You have had about all the “justice” that you can afford. More courts and lawyers is going to be more of the same. The system has been completely corrupted by feminist hate and sexism. There is no “justice” to be found in family courts … or in any court.

      You gave everything for your country, and your country turned you into an ATM machine. The sad reality that you will have to accept before you can improve your life is this:

      America is no longer worth fighting for.

      The sooner you realize this, and start thinking strategically instead of morally, the better. When has any mab met a woman who thinks morally … and not strategically?

      Mistake number 1: Thinking “I did everything right.” You got married, you served your country, and you had children. You did everything WRONG. You put your head on the chopping block in a nation that sees all men as commodities to be butchered and sold to the highest bidder.

      Mistake number 2: Thinking “I thought for sure that our judicial system would take care of me.” The judicial system is working exactly as it is intended to work. You are an expendible commodity, to be discarded when you are no longer useful to the things that matter in America: corporate money and female entitlement.

      Sorry to say it so crudely, but you don’t have time for nice words.

      Here is the ONLY thing you need to know:

      “When you are a slave, free yourself by whatever means necessary.”

      Be prepared to cut every chain that is binding you to poverty and servitude. EVERY chain. You will find the way.

      Good luck and God’s speed.

  2. Yet another horrible story of how Family Law is destroying honorable men. I would suggest that you contact Civil Liberties Union regarding a discrimination suite. This is something we are considering doing ourselves. It is absolute discrimination, hands down. Also contact local media. This sounds like a story they would jump on, especially from the perspective that he is a veteran. Publicity could be just what’s needed to rally the supports you need. While I don’t agree with the tone (bitter & resentful) of Anthony’s response, I do agree that one should never sit quietly by to injustice,but rather should stand up and fight for .justice and equality by any moral means available. These are the things that you went to war for and are honorable in doing so. If you allow your circumstances to dictate your morals you will lose the most valuable possession of all, yourself. Be motivated by your good morals and teach your children by example rather than being motivated by fear and anger and teaching your children hatred and vindictiveness. To do this is surely defeat for you and your children. I’ll be praying for you and your children and may God shower you with His blessings!
    Love, Cathy Landry/Dakota’s Page

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