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20 Something Stepmoms Therapy

I am a young 20 something ,who on a daily basis has to contend with my mother in law and my man’s ex-girlfriend ( who happens to be the mother of my wonderful step-child! what a shame that is!!!) These two DRIVE ME INSANE! I need somewhere to let it all out , without putting pressure on my man ,and this is the best place for it!

5050 Parents

If you believe in parental equality, this page is for you!

5050 Parents is dedicated to promoting shared parenting.

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A Family Rearranged

Hello. My name is Tiffany, and I come from a blended family. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to have one of my own. Who doesn’t love a little chaos with their every waking moment??? 😉

I have opinions. You may agree, or you may not. I’m a divorced and then re-married woman, I work full time outside of the house, I’ve pushed a tiny human out of my body, I’ve become loved and love in return 3 children that someone else pushed out of their body, and my house is a zoo. It’s because of all this that I reserve the right to express my thoughts in the manner that I do. You can like me or disapprove, but don’t get in my way. I don’t cook, I dislike folding laundry, and I can’t keep a plant alive. Humans and animals are thriving here, though.. go figure. My husband is a saint for doing all that I cannot or will not, and I love him immensely. We are a family. Rearranged.

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A Not So Wicked Stepmother

Founded out of frustration, anger, and raw pain, this blog and all that it entails really started as a place to vent. From there I added a Twitter account as a way to connect with other parents that were going through the hell I was going through. Being separated from my biological children while being a stepmother presented its own unique blend of challenges and I found myself surrounded by plenty of people who knew exactly what I was going through. I slowly but surely began to find small rays of hope shining through the darkest abyss I’ve ever known. So this is my place of encouragement, of peace, of will. Though the battle is far from over, we don’t have to go it alone.

Alienation Of A Parent’s Love – Loss Of A Child’s Self

Parental Alienation is a psychological and emotional debilitating form of abuse that is intended to break the bonds between parents and children.

Alienated Parents – Childs Rights

This Page is dedicated to all parents Alienated from their children by there ex spouse.CHILDREN, a god given right to each active parent.
Parental alienation is a social dynamic, generally occurring due to divorce or separation, when a child expresses unjustified hatred or unreasonably strong dislike of one parent, making access by the rejected parent difficult or impossible] These feelings may be influenced by negative comments by the other parent and by the characteristics, such as lack of empathy and warmth, of the rejected parent. The term does not apply in cases of actual child abuse, when the child rejects the abusing parent to protect themselves. Parental alienation is controversial in legal and mental health professions, both generally and in specific situations. Terms related to parental alienation include child alienation, pathological alignments, visitation refusal, pathological alienation, the toxic parent and parental alienation syndrome though the last term is a specific formulation of a medical syndrome proposed by psychiatrist Richard Gardner that is not well accepted.

American Coalition For Fathers And Children

The members of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children dedicate ourselves to the creation of a family law system and public awareness which promotes equal rights for ALL parties affected by issues of the modern family.

ACFC is challenging the current system of American family law and policy. Through a national system of local affiliates and in alliance with other pro-family and civil liberties groups, ACFC is shifting the public debate to the real causes of family dissolution. 

Anti Bullying Abuse N Awareness

My name is Jason Marcoux (Jay), it is my goal to break the silence..and obtain justice 4 all victims!!!! This is the only way to put an end to abuse and bullying .
This is a site for anyone who has been, or is being abused, bullied, persecuted, discriminated against, in any way , …..a place to come to for advice, support ,and help, no one is left behind ,no one is alone ….., we are here for everyone………..(war, bullying, and abuse is for the dark ages.

Become a Real Woman/Mother, Get A Job and Stop Living Off Welfare/CS

A page for Parents/Fathers/Girlfriends/Step moms to discuss the need for Child Support/Child Custody Reform and to address the issue of much needed Welfare Reform. A place to discuss the unethical acts and tricks the child support departments across the USA and Canada play on the NCPs in order to obtain judgments. How family courts are legally kidnapping children. And lastly, a place to tattle tale on the forms of welfare fraud the local counties and States allow. A place to come and and get information about child support and how it impacts YOU.

A forum to discuss women/men who use their children as a paycheck. About those who use their vagina as an incubator to have child after child on PA and CS. Whether it is a welfare check or a child support check. Topics include women who use their children as an excuse to not work, those who use their child as a pawn. This is also a place to acknowledge the REAL working women, mothers/step mothers who do it with, and without help or crying the “poor me” story for pity. And the men who are or want to be involved but are not allowed. For those of us who have had to suffer for her stupidity and laziness.

All trolls or suspected trolls will be blocked with without notice.
“TROLL: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

Blended Family

The drama (dysfunction) from the bio parent which causes a strained relationship between everyone in an entirely different household. Not to mention financial burden…

Blended Family Gifts

A place to find presents that will inspire, encourage, and celebrate those men and women giving love a second chance.

Canadian Equal Parenting Council (Canada)

In 2004 after many years of efforts, parent activists formed a national group that would support and organize those in Canada who believe that children have a right to meaningful contact and interaction with both parents when those parents do not live together. The Canadian Equal Parenting Council (CEPC), the result, is a national organization of equal parenting and divorce support groups across Canada.The aim of this organization, and the movement it represents, is to secure the child’s rights to be equally parented when the relationship between the father and the mother breaks down. Parents may separate, divorce, or never have lived together – in any case, the children should be able to benefit from all that each parent, and each grandparent, has to offer. Our emphasis is on the right of the child to continue to enjoy contact, nurturing and support in its widest sense, from all parents and grandparents, regardless of gender.There have been a number of organizations and such movements in the past. CEPC seeks to be a central, reasonable and credible voice that can explain to Canadians, politicians and the media what equal parenting groups seek to achieve and why their cause is just.

Children Deserve The Love and Support Of Both Parents (Australia)

A child’s happiness is the most important thing and sometimes that means allowing a child to see and to have a healthy, supportive and loving relationship with their parents! BOTH parents!

And also not damaging any other relationships they might have – inlaws, and extended family!

Comments are welcome on my page as everyone is entitled to an opinion, having said that though it is my aim having a general and personal interest invested in this page to maintain my vision which is dedicating this page to children having rights to being loved and supported by both parents and for anyone out there who is struggling and going through hell just in order to see their child – keep up the hope and goodwill, you’ll get there someday!

General Information:
How to be a GREAT parent
How to live as a family when you are seperated or not together anymore
How to put your child first “always”
How to get over your anger, being slefish for the sake of your child/children
How to be the bigger person
How to always be there for your child
How to keep fighting people that are nasty and that use children as a weapon
How to teach people that person hurt and your own issues don’t have to be and should NOT be your child/childrens!
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Co-Parenting With A High Conflict Person

This page was created with the intentions to give advice and support for those who have to co-parent with a difficult person, whether this person has been diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental disorder, this is an avenue to discuss issues of concern and or to share your experience to help others. Please feel free to email me here with any questions that you would like posted for advice. I realize that a lot of us are dealing with court and other sensitive situations so you can be assured that your personal information will remain confidential.

Daddy Builders Network

Dads/Fathers. Inspiring, Educating and Servicing Dads so they can be at their Best for their Families!
Daddy Builders Mission Statement
Educate, support, inspire and equip fathers to become the best DADDIES they can be. Our organization will offer support via website, seminars and conferences. We offer support for the blended family structure, ultimately improving the entire family unit.Daddy Builders Vision
Within the next 5 years we will have successfully lobbied to change legislation in support of fathers’ rights and established a flourishing community built upon fathers strengthening fathers. Birthed in blessings, nurtured in wisdom, and inspired by self-development, Daddy Builders will develop men into better fathers.Contact Info:
877-837-DADS (3237) voicemail

Dads Have Rights Too

Our main goal is to restore Equal Custody Rights to Fathers and Mothers affected by Divorce, the break-up of the family, or Children born to unmarried parents through support, Education and Family Court Reform.

We do this by providing information, Education, and the knowledge to effectively use available Shared | Co Parenting resources, to all Fathers and Mothers desirous of remaining actively involved in the lives of their minor children both during and after a Divorce or similar domestic relations action.

This organization is being created, in hopes to shed light on our failing justice system. Too many times, fathers lose their rights to their children, all because the courts side with mothers right out of the gate… it is the fathers who must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they deserve time with their sons or daughters. A child deserves both parents, not visitors! The courts say that they… choose what is best for the children, however studies have shown that having both parents involved, greatly increases the probability of that child not facing future issues. It is time for fathers to unite… this group is open to both men and women willing to support the cause.When a society can tear into the most precious of human bonds — more precious even than marriage, since you cannot divorce your children — when a society will destroy human love and emotion in the name of a superimposed statutory “scheme,” that society has GONE TOO FAR. It is nothing less than a declaration of war by government upon its citizens. And when attacked by their own government — established to PROTECT their rights, not eviscerate them — citizens have the right to fight back, with whatever weapons are necessary to get the job done.

Dads have rights too

Parental Alienation – The Ultimate Hate Crime!
PAS is a form of child abuse fueled by the war between ex-spouses. It is any attempt by one parent to alienate a child from the other. This includes blocking or interfering with visitation or any other form of contact, false allegations of abuse and ex-bashing. As their parent, the symptoms of this will be obvious to you. Your children may start withdrawing from you or showing fear towards you. They may also start “recalling” past memories that are not true – a direct result of parental brainwashing. The good relationship you had with them is slowly being eroded by a nasty ex who wants to hurt you and use your children as the pawn in this game. Your innocent children are being victimized.

Dads On The Air (Australia)

Dads On The Air is the world’s longest running radio program on fathers’ issues.It is archived by the National Library of Australia and for researchers represents the most extensive collection of information on the push for family law and child support reform in Australia.It also documents the history of the fatherhood movement in Australia and internationally and provides a fascinating insight into mainstream society’s shifting attitudes towards fathers and fatherhood.Dads On The Air can be heard on Tuesday mornings 10.30am – 12.00pm on 2GLF FM 89.3 in Sydney Australia and depending on the quality of your radio can be heard from the mountains in the west to the coast in the east. While they’re not all listening, it has a footprint of more than two million people across the demographic heart of Australia’s most populous city. The show is usually up on the website within 24 hours of broadcast in an easily downloadable MP3 format and as a podcast. It can also be heard via live streaming at
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Deena Stacer – Parents In Conflict

Parents In Conflict, online parenting courses for parents fighting over child custody issues. Parents learn how to let go of the fight and focus on their children’s needs and getting closer to them.

Dollars For Dads

Fathers are a very important part of a child’s life.
We are a non-profit movement who’s goal is to provide the funding needed to help defend the rights of all responsible fathers who are not getting to see their children and be an active part of their lives. 100% of our funds go to the legal fees and resources to fathers in need. We help out the fathers who are paying and up to date on child support, are as active as possible in the child(ren)’s life(s) and need help defending themselves while dealing with a “one sided” court system.

Dorcy Russell – Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, Focused on moving divorced families from divided to united fostering unconditional love and personal accountability.
Conscious Co-Parenting Institute is a company focused on “Moving Divorced Families From Divided To United. A company focused on educating divorced parents on how to have a child centered divorce. We educate parents on Parental Alienation, teaching people how to avoid it, how to over come it, and how to live happy, fulfilling lives even when they are dealing with a difficult ex spouse.Conscious C…o-Parenting Institute offers a variety of different ways to work with us from online courses, tele-seminars, live interactive training and one on one coaching for families that need hands on intensive coaching. We also offer opportunities for parents to receive a certificate of completion for people going through custody battles in court.Conscious Co-Parenting Institute offers a licensing program for people who are interested in “Moving Divorced Families From Divided To United” in their area.
Conscious Co-Parenting Classes
Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor Licensing
Family Reunification Coaching
Conscious Co-Parenting Coordination
Conscious Co-Parenting Custody Coaching
Contact Info

Dr. Kathleen M. Reay, Inc.  

Dr. Reay also has another page centered around a wonderful workbook you can start using today in your personal battles against PAS called Toxic Divorce: A Workbook For Alienated Parents. 
This workbook will provide the knowledge,understanding, real-life examples, step-by-step directions, and powerful strategies to deal with the ramifications of PA or PAS.
Dr. Reay is an expert on Parental Alienation, Parental Alienation Syndrome and Estrangement. Dr. Reay conducts seminars throughout North America. She also receives many inquiries regarding her availability as a consultant, evaluator, trial consultant and expert witness in matters relating to child custody, trauma, parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome. She authored a new book called Toxic Divorce: A Workbook for Alienated Parents available to purchase online through or through all major global online bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In 2007, Dr. Reay conducted a published research study on the long-term effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome. She is currently conducting two other research studies on the topic. Dr. Reay was a keynote speaker at the 2011 Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome in Montreal, Quebec. She is also the Founder and Director of the International Institute for Parental Alienation Studies (IIPAS), an exceptional research institute and online learning program for alienated parents, extended family members, and professionals. Her new 2011 book called Toxic Divorce: A Workbook for Alienated Parents was published and released in July. Dr. Reay conducts seminars throughout North America. She also receives many inquiries regarding her availability as a consultant, evaluator, trial consultant and expert witness in matters relating to child custody, trauma, parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome.
We offer effective and stimulating training opportunities for the ever-changing needs of counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists other professionals as well as for parents and the general public. To view our current workshop schedule please visit: are proud to sponsor North America’s most renowned experts in the counselling, education and mental health fields to conduct professional development training workshops and seminars. Dr. Kathleen Reay is an expert on Parental Alienation and she is available for speaking engagements worldwide on this topic.To view upcoming workshops on Parental Alienation and more information please visit: contact us at or call our office toll free: 1-888-208-8565.
Contact Info:
Free information on Parental Alienation:
Free articles and information for psychotherapists and other helping professionals:
Dr. Kathleen Reay, Inc. 
+1 888.208.8565

Equal Rights For Alienated Parents *Fathers&Mothers Both Welcome Here

This page is a place for parents, and other family members who are dealing with parental alienation, and are fed up with the family court system.

Equality In Parenting

The focus of EIP is to increasing awareness about the adverse affects of widespread fatherlenness, and to bring about societal changes so that both parents of a separation or divorce can enjoy equal access in the spiritual, emotional and financial decisions of raising children. Equality in Parenting also advocates for changes in state matrimonial laws in an effort to significantly reduce gender discrimination in family courts.

Every Day Children Are Litigated Away From Good Parents

This is my effort to gain help and give help to parents that are being kept from their children.
I have started this on a day I should have been able to speak to my child. I am fed up with stories of parents like me who love their children and lose them to hateful people who are blinded by hatred, vengeance, greed, lawyers, etc. Please help me get more attention and spread help for those parents so that they can be reunited with their children. I want to share ideas and help with writing to the courts and make a difference.

Expose Deadbeat Moms, We’re For Equal && Shared Parenting

fighting for my right to my daughter as a father! and fighting against ALL DEAD BEAT PARENTS!! ♥ u emmy!
For the longest we were heart broken BC our little Emmy was not with us!! We finally have her home, && our family is now complete!! we will just continue to fight for fathers rights && we will nvr give up! emmy, daddy && step mommy love u!!! You will always b our little princess!! ♥ 🙂
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Fair Access For Parents

It only takes that one thing to change a child’s life.
“I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.”

Family~Fathers and Mothers~Inspire~Love~Youngsters

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a Mother and Father’s Protection” ~Unknown
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Family Law Web Guide (Australia)

If you are reading this then you probably belong to one of two groups of people:

  • you’re going through the divorcing process or,
  • you know of someone who is.

In either case, you’ve made an excellent decision in visiting this site because you will find that it will provide you with tons of information, resources, tips and advice. (UK) – Official Campaign Organizations

Fathers 4 Justice(F4J) was formed in the summer of 2001 by London-based creative director and political activist Matt O’Connor after he was denied access to his two boys in Britain’s Secret Family Courts. This followed a difficult separation from his first wife.

Despite resolving the matter out of court in late 2001 and re-establishing a normal relationship with his children, O’Connor pledged to reform family law for the benefit of his two sons whom he feared would suffer the same experience when they became fathers. On 17th December 2002, Fathers 4 Justice staged their first direct action demonstration when 200 Father Christmases stormed the lobby of the then Lord Chancellor’s Department.

Since then O’Connor has masterminded the creation of one of the highest profile campaign groups in the world, spawning a host of imitation (but unrelated) groups in different countries. His iconic protests have garnered worldwide publicity for a cause shrouded in secrecy by the courts and ignored by the political and religious elite.

From Spiderman at Tower Bridge to Batman at Buckingham Palace and the flour-bombing of the Prime Minister in the chamber of the House of Commons, the campaign for truth, justice and equality in family law has captured the public imagination, catapulting the issues surrounding family law to the top of the political agenda, and inspiring thousands of disenfranchised parents and grandparents alike to campaign for equal parenting rights.

Given the attention the campaign received, it is unsurprising that the history of F4J has not been without incident. In 2006 The Sun newspaper ran a front-page story saying that ‘extremist’ elements on the outskirts of F4J had been plotting to kidnap then Prime Minister’s son, five-year-old Leo Blair.

Contact Info:

Phone: 07879 450315


Fathers-4-Justice (USA)

Fathers-4-Justice® (F4J®) is a civil rights campaign organization that employs a multi-pronged approach for spreading its message across the United States Using direct action done with humor, our message is that the bias and discrimination currently found in our family courts and family law will no longer be tolerated.

Fatherhood Educational Institute

The Fatherhood Educational Institute (FEI) is a social welfare charity, which promotes responsible fatherhood in poverty stricken communities, the general public and the media.
FEI promotes responsible fatherhood through events, workshops and educational resources, stressing the importance of patriarchal involvement in children’s lives. The goal is to help struggling fathers and children reunite in positive relationships.

Fathers And Families.Org

We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
Half of all American children are growing up without a father in the home because their parents are divorced or never married. Such children suffer much higher rates of child abuse, educational underachievement, depression or alienation, violence or gang activity, poor health, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and dysfunctional future family relationships.Society blames “irresponsible fathers” fo…r these problems, but this is a dangerous oversimplification. When parents are estranged, misguided laws, judicial traditions, and government policies drive many loving fathers and mothers out of their children’s lives, with dismaying results for children.No effective national organization has emerged to advocate for children’s true best interests after separation or divorce: shared parenting by two involved and loving parents. Fathers and Families is filling this void by bringing reform to the family courts and related agencies.
Fathers and Families™ improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. Please support us!
Contact Info:

Fathers Are Important Too 365

Hello! We at ( Fathers Are Important Too 365 would like to thank you for recognizing and liking our page. We created this page to help reform the image that all fathers are dead beats. Also allow other Fathers and mothers to communicate and leave positive information, that may help someone else in a simular situation. Our mission is to promote proactiveness from fathers and help those who may struggle with being in thier childs lives. We believe in ” Keeping your childs best interest first” is key raising children. Feel free to come by anytime and contribute with positive knowledge and information, that the rest of our family can read and share!

Fathers Are Important Too (365) wants to recreate and reform the image of fathers in our communities. Creating and providing a positive alternative for parents to communicate and receive positive feedback from others, without a personal bias. Increase the awareness on the importance for fathers to be proactive in the household. Also educate parents on legal services that are available within their area. Provide a social atmosphere for men and women to express their experiences being parents and allow parents to share photos of themselves with their children. By minimizing conflict and building healthier child/parent and parent/parent relationships “Keeps your child’s best interest first.”

Father’s Deserve Rights Too…

A place for fathers who are fighting for or want custody.
This is basically a page started by me after loosing my daughter its now been over 2years since I have seen or spoken to her. My ex found out that I am married and now I’m punished for it. I have found support from people here on Facebook.
I hope to expand this into an organization that supports and defends parents that have been taken from there child’s life.

Fathers4Equality (Australia)

F4E are a progressive shared parenting group comprising primarily parents and grandparents who believe that a child has a natural right to a meaningful relationship with both parents, in the event of separation. We provide information and assistance on the current family law act and how to best utilise it in the best interests of your children, and we lobby the federal government against the myths promoted by self-interest lawyers and feminist groups in their efforts to take Australia back to the dark ages, at our children’s expense. Please read the information on this website carefully before engaging in any child custody negotiations, and if possible, subscribe to our daily Blog post for useful updates. 

Fathers Have Rights Two

Just a single father trying to make it in this world, suggest this pages to all the parents thats are not being treated fairly
So sick of fighting to be a dad to my kids. Here i pay my support and love my kids and am there when ever they need me. It is a shame how there mother can marry several times in a just couple years and all three of them have been in prison or are in prison. None of them take care of there kids they don’t pay there own support but here i am just a bad guy.

Fathers Rights Support Group of Vernon British Columbia (Canada)

IF YOU ARE A MAN , A FATHER OR A PARTNERIf you are a divorced or separated father who is not being treated fairly by the courts, lawyers, or other professionals.
If you have been falsely accused or charged by your ex.
If you are not being given a fair chance at custody or shared parenting.
If you have been reduced to being just a visitor to your own child.
If a vindictive mother or ex is interfering with your access to your child.
If you are having your back broken by unfair support.
If your basic civil rights are being violated as a father.
If you are threatened with debtor’s prison because you cannot pay crippling child support.
If your driver’s licence has been or may be suspended because you are behind on child support.
If you want to be apart of a community who understands what you are going through.We are not lawyers or therapists just normal people who are fighting for equality for our children and
ourselves. We are here to offer the support that we are missing through empathy and talking where others
cant understand.If any of this sounds like you or something you would be interested in then join us and feel free to contact us anytime.We are interested in getting together socially not just on line in the future.Geliijkwaardig Ouderschap (The Netherlands and Belgium)
Beide ouders hebben volgens de wet het recht én de plicht tot omgang en opvoeden van hun kinderen. Ook na scheiding.
Deze pagina heeft tot doel om gelijkwaardig ouderschap in Nederland (en daar buiten) te bevorderen.
Dat gelijkwaardig ouderschap in welke scheiding dan ook, de dagelijkse standaard is.
Dat er een mentaliteitsverandering op gang komt, die ouderverstoting afkeurt.
De pagina “Gelijkwaardig ouderschap” is er voor ouders (vaders èn moeders), grootouders (oma’s en opa’s) en nieuwe partners (stiefouders), die gedeeld ouderschap én betrokken vaderschap ook na scheiding (blijven) steunen. (Klein)kinderen moeten van beide ouders en verdere familie “mogen” blijven houden, ook na scheiding. Beide ouders hebben volgens de wet het recht én de plicht tot omgang en opvoeden van hun kinderen.

Getting To Know Our Friends Through Our Children

A place for mom’s and dad’s and others to come and share their loved ones and themselves. We need to remember their NAMES.
Contact Info:

Give Dads A Chance 10.11.12

Giving a voice to Parents and their children who are denied access to each other. This we dedicate to the memory of the Dad’s who gave up hope & ended their precious lives.You are not forgotten
As a collective we plan to shine a light on the shameful state in this country where it is now not the norm for children to have both parents in their lives. Recent changes to Family Law and Child Support have made it unbelievably difficult to be a Dad, and in some cases- a crime to be a Dad. Lives are being lost due to laws that discourage shared parenting and encourage a parent to withhold access to the children as well as a system that bases child support payments unrealistically on a gross income as well as joint income, which ultimately leaves people in poverty.To add insult to injury, parents are forced to pay for solicitors for the right to have contact with the children for whom they are paying for with no guarantees that they will be awarded access, or even have the other party comply with the orders.
I acknowledge that there are Mothers in this predicament as well and you are embraced as part of this. As a woman, I myself paid child support for 8 long years so I have fully experienced the injustice of it myself.As the majority of people who find themselves in this situation are men, the title of this page is a reflection of that majority.This page however, is primarily about, and for the children who have a basic human right to have both parents in their lives regardless of the situation of the parents. The aim is to create awareness into the damage that is being done by the changes to the Family Law and Child Support, and make a change.
We also aim to provide support and encouragement to parents who are in the sad situation of being denied access yet are expected to provide child support for their children they don’t see. This page is also for the extended families of these parents and their absent children- the brothers and sisters, grandparents, the aunts, uncles- everyone who love and have shared the life of these children. As we all know, denying a parent access not only hurts that parent, but it hurts the children and everyone else involved.
Yes you will be tempted to vent your anger for your ex partners but this page is not the place for that. You have support now and if we do this the right way change can happen. Please see this page as a support network of likeminded souls walking your path and experiencing your suffering. Share your experiences here so we can all be in this together.I have a fire burning in my soul to bring about this change. You are not alone ! My dear friends and team members Leah and Mark will be with me on helping manage this page. They too are going thru this battle with their own story to tell.Recently I sent an email to every MP in the house notifying them about our planned rally in Sydney which is scheduled to take place on “10.11.12”. I am so very excited to say we have the FULL ATTENTION of many MP’s and people in the upper echelons of various government departments.
The purpose of this is to assemble in Hyde park and quietly march past parliament house down to the rocks peacefully. Even though it is on a Saturday we will still be bringing a major street to a standstill and the media coverage will be worth it. More can be achieved by silence than the false portrayal of all Dad’s being angry violent men which is totally unrealistic. This cannot be done alone so your support is paramount to this happening.This is also for all the grandparents and members of families that don’t get to share in these precious children’s lives either. We need all of you there. More on the march as time goes on.So please get on board- if you are not in this situation yourself, we are sure you know people who are. We ask that you spread the word, and encourage people to like our page so that we can all make a change. If anything, do it for the children who are the real victims here.
We embrace all our fellow travellers on the journey and hope this page serves its purpose.This we dedicate to the memory of the Dad’s who gave up hope & ended their precious lives.You are not and never will be forgottenThe aim of the march is to change the child support legislation to a more acceptable and fair rate so the paying parent can survive and be allowed to see the children they helped create and are paying for. The way things currently stand it seems the custodial parent holds all the power to say and do as they please and be believed. Surely all Dads can’t be violent and abusive.This problem has been going on for years but has reached crisis point. We have 3 suicides per week of fathers who cannot keep fighting here in the hunter and that is rising. I have watched too many male friends lives fall apart and become shells of men whilst waiting for court decisions which do not go in their favour sometimes taking years to reach conclusion. Then having to pay huge legal costs that they simply cannot afford whilst still paying child support for children they do not get to see. Meanwhile the most important people in this, the children themselves, are missing out on a valuable relationship with their Dad. How does this be right ? It is crucial for a child’s development that they have both parents in their lives. Why should these precious little souls suffer for adult’s pettiness ?We will be joined by two great men, Alby Schultz, member for Hume and Barry Williams, founder of Lone Dads who have been fighting valiantly for this cause for years and will march with us. If you know any Dad’s struggling can you please pass this information on about this important day because this is about them and you. We can make this happen together ♥CHILDREN INSTEAD. ANY ABUSIVE COMMENTS FROM ANYONE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED AND THE PERSON BLOCKED. DUE TO THE ENORMITY OF THE TASK I MAY NOT ALWAYS BE ABLE TO RESPOND TO ALL COMMENTS BUT PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM IN THIS WITH ALL OF YOU TO THE VERY END.

Just A Step Parent?

Ive been a step mother now for over a year to 4 amazing children. I have daily situations with the BM and due to the constant frustration I wanted to start a page of my own to help others understand my experiences and hopefully help them better with their own. And to help fight for Fathers who do support their children in every way despite the women who keep their children from them.

Kids Need Dad’s 2

Kids Need Dads 2 is a private group dedicated to helping other fathers that are going through custody issues. We are here to he…lp anyone. This is a great way to deal with the stress that comes with not being able to see your children and helping others that may be going through the same thing that you already have. We are all here to help each other.

Leading Women For Shared Parenting

Leading Women for Shared Parenting serves as a platform for Women to show Lawmakers and the Media they favor Equally Shared Parenting within Family Courts.
Millions of women, be they grandmothers, sisters, mothers, aunts and wives, have silently suffered the loss of children they love and care deeply about as a result of misguided laws and family court practices. It is our aim to change this system that each year unjustly removes millions of children from the arms of a loving parent. The first step is endorsing the statement on the LW4SP website. The next step is inviting your friends and family members to do the same.

Love and Hope

This page is run by one person. She is a mother, a stepmother, and a wife to two boys and a husband who each have thier own special needs. This person is me. I felt like I was the only one out there for a while, so if you would like to have a place where you can enter a judgement free zone and talk, lets build a community. If you or a loved one have or know somebody who has special needs, this is the place to come in and talk. I welcome questions, and thoughtful posts. Be kind.

M.A.P.A. (Mother’s Against Parental Alienation

Mothers who are unlawfully separated from their children

Mens Rights Blogosphere

Reddit: 39,000 + Subscribers

Reporting misandry and abuse of family law (international)
Contact Info:

Midwest Stepmoms

Stepmoms from the Midwest, and all over… UNITE!
This is a place for all Stepmoms to feel at home. A place to open up, let it out, and feel complete support from women in similar situations.
We may not have birthed our step kiddos, but we can offer them something that even their Bio Mom can’t… and that is a fantabulous example of a healthy relationship with their father filled with love!
Mucho love ladies!! We can get through anything together!

Missing ~ Abducted ~ Justice For All People Of The World

This page is for Missing and Abducted around the world. For abandoned victims of state security bodies. Cry for justice! In memory of murder victims. Never forget!

Non Absent Fathers

Non Absent Fathers is an organization that will be holding classes to help educate fathers about the benefits of dual parenting, advocating for change in the family law system, and sponsoring many other encouraging and educational events.
We use the power of inspiration, prayer, biblical teachings, and real life experiences of fathers in tribulations to provide a support system for fathers, in any stage of a custodial war.Our goal is to turn “Dead Beat Dads” into Fathers, by encouraging and instilling Faith into them.Educate Fathers on the positive impact they make when they are physically present or stay connected within their children’s lives.For Fathers who are in bondage of the system, Non Absent Fathers vows to be a support group that will encourage all Fathers to fight the system for more time with their children.32But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not; and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” (Luke 22:32 KJV)Non Absent Fathers will keep “Faith” that one day this broken system will change, evolve and transform into an equality based system.Non Absent Fathers and its supporters to hold all Court Systems to an “Equal Standard” from state to state. By considering time spent (lost/stolen) from the Non Custodial Parent equally as important as the obligations met by the Non Custodial parent. By holding the Custodial Parents equally accountable for not encouraging time with the Non Custodial Parent.Challenge Child Support Enforcement, to make revisions so that collected funds are faithfully kept in the interest of the Child.
This organization is for any parent (Mother or Father) that understands the importance of equivalence in their children’s lives. Who truly care about the “key-holders” of our future… Our children.Train up a child in the way he should go,1 And when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6-7)If you are di…rectly or indirectly impacted from the effects of alienation from a custodial parent, or abuse of the “system” by the custodial parent, this is your time to voice your concerns.We should be ever so conscientious of the effects that custody battles have on the Child in litigation. Including the importance of a child being without or distant from the Non Custodial Parent. Often the NCP is force to fight a loosing battle. But God can reverse the struggle into a downhill sprint. With Faith, Encouragement, Teachings and Support, we can end the need to fight for custody and instead experience the real meaning of “sharing parental responsibility”.

Parents Left Behind – Children’s Rights

Page is designed to help gain awareness and support for children’s rights and a father left behind during a separation leading to International Abduction.

Parents Without Custody

We’re just a support page for parents who are going threw the heartbreak of not seeing their kids everyday.We offer anything from venting to advice.As we have been there.There is no judgement passed.And you can send a message to me anon. of your story and I will post it so no one knows who it is for legal issues and so forth.

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is ABUSE! STOP THE ABUSE!

Parental Alienation Awareness

Parental alienation is defined as a set of behaviors that are harmful and damaging to a child’s emotional and mental health. It generally involves the mental manipulation and/or bullying of the child to pick between their mother or father.
Parental alienation (or Hostile Aggressive Parenting) is a group of behaviors that are damaging to children’s mental and emotional well-being, and can interfere with a relationship of a child and either parent. These behaviors most often accompany high conflict marriages, separation or divorce.These behaviors whether verbal or non-verbal, cause a child to be mentally manipulated or bullied into… believing a loving parent is the cause of all their problems, and/or the enemy, to be feared, hated, disrespected and/or avoided.Parental alienation and hostile aggressive parenting deprive children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents. The destructive actions by an alienating parent or other third person (like another family member, or even a well meaning mental health care worker) can become abusive to the child – as the alienating behaviors are disturbing, confusing and often frightening, to the child, and can rob the child of their sense of security and safety leading to maladaptive emotional or psychiatric reactions.Most people do not know about Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting until they experience it. Parental Alienation Awareness is put forth to help raise awareness about the growth in the problem of targeting children and their relationship in healthy and loving parent/child bond.We need your help to protect the innocent, …the children.We need your help to educate and make aware to the public the effects of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting.If you’ve been affected by Parental Alienation or know someone who has, or are a past victim of a parent who exhibited Hostile Aggressive Parenting, please write and tell us your story. We will add your story to our letters page for everyone around the world to publish in their local magazines, newspapers, etc. Please remember to keep your story to the telling of the confusion, loss, love, and heartache. Please refrain from excessive anger and verbally assaulting anyone in your letters.The aim of the Awareness is to make the general public, judges, police officers, mental health care workers, child protection agencies, lawyers, as well as friends and family of the targeted children or their parents become aware of this growing problem.With awareness comes education and understanding, and the power to stop the abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of people they love.

Parental Alienation Global Directory

Resources for Alienated and Estranged Parents and their Familes.
Our mission is provide the most relevant information on the topic of parental alienation available. Books, Digital Media, News Feeds, Reviews, Links to Blogs, Articles, Scholarly Resources, Workshops, Groups, & Conferences as well as
an online comprehensive directory to local and national non-profit programs, mental health professionals and lawyers who all care to help parents eradicate this dynamic from their families.
Providing a variety of informational resource options for parents seeking help and healing in an abusive co-parenting situations that has resulted in a parent becoming alienated from their child(ren). Parental Alienation, discovered by Richard Gardner in 1985.
Contact Info:

Parental Alienation PA PAS

Parental Alienation breaks the loving bond between a parent and a child.Parental Alienation has gone unspoken far too long. It is with great hope that PA becomes a household word, that it is swiftly recognized and intervened upon by professionals and that the courts with certainty reprimand the offenders. PA is the emotional abuse of children.
This site is dedicated to the countless parents and children who have been separated due to Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation is a campaign of denigration by one parent against the other. The alienating parent’s negative comments and hostile behaviors toward the targeted parent are often adopted by the child, resulting in the loss of a once healthy, loving bond. The child’s unjustified hate and fear of the parent, and the parent’s relatives, are earmarks of Parental Alienation Syndrome. The emotional consequences to the child can last well into adulthood.

Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse

Whether male or female, alienating a parent damages the childs mind and self worth. It’s time social services recognised this a child abuse.
To stop child abuse via parental alienation. In the future to lobby govt to instruct social services to treat alienation as child abuse.
Time to recognise parental alienation as child abuse. Parents involved in constructive dismissal of the “other parent” must be dealt with under a new law to proctect the childern from loosing a parent, in the childs best interests of course.Preventing contact is emotional domestic violence.

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental alienation syndrome was a term coined by child psychiatrist Richard A. Gardner drawing upon his clinical experiences since the early 1980s.[1] The concept of one parent attempting to separate their child from the other parent as punishment or part of a divorce have been described since at least the 1940s,[2][8] but Gardner was the first to define a specific syndrome. In a 1985 article, he defined PAS as “a disorder that arises primarily in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against the parent, a campaign that has no justification. The disorder results from the combination of indoctrinations by the alienating parent and the child’s own contributions to the vilification of the alienated parent”[1] also stating that the indoctrination may be deliberate or unconscious on the part of the alienating parent.[11][12] PAS was originally developed as an explanation for the increase in the number of reports of child abuse in the 1980s.[13][14] Gardner initially believed that parents (usually mothers) made false accusations of child abuse and sexual abuse against the other parent (usually fathers) in order to prevent further contact between them.[15][16] While Gardner initially described the mother was the alienator in 90% of PAS cases, he later stated both parents were equally likely to alienate.[13][17][18] He also later stated that in his experience accusations of sexual abuse were not present in the vast majority of cases of PAS.[14] The initial work was self-published by Gardner, but later papers were released in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome is a result of Hostile Aggressive Parenting.
Its Emotional tools used by the Targeter at the absent Parent.
Unfortunately as a direct act of these weapons, the children suffer internal Emotional Development
A Child should never fear wanting to be with his absent parent, in statistical reports made, normally the Father, and in some cases the Mother where father has Custody
This is a direct form of Emotional Child Abuse, Equal Parenting should be a legal right to elinimate if only the severe partial part of child alienation.

Parental Alienation Syndrome, Child Custody & Emotional Child Abuse

This week (10/11/11) I lost my children through parental alienation as a result of lies, manipulation, threatening and abusive behaviour. EVIDENCE was NOT enough to PROVE what he was doing to my children was WRONG
This page is specifically aimed at emotional child abuse when parents separate leading to parental alienation syndrome and how the system lets the wrong parent down consistently EVERY time. If you or someone you know has been subjected to any form of abuse, then you know how degrading it can be to the well-being of a persona and the effect it can have on other relationships. Relationship abuse, lo…cal authority abuse, child abuse, and sexual abuse are damaging to both the mind and body.Child abuse or maltreatment constitutes all forms of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, negligent treatment, sexual abuse or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power.Another recent development that i have found is that when going through all of this is that domestic abuse or violence as its commonly known often occurs using the children as a pawn, if there is a history of domestic abuse it often gets worse instead of getting better.Join this page if you support laws that would: Help to understand the severity of parental alienation syndrome; offer healthy solutions or debates for children removed from abusive households. Show you care! Thanks!THIS IS MY STORY = MY LIFE IN THE LAST YEAR

Parental Rights Of Fathers

I would like to get as many “Likes” and post’s, as possible to help fight and change the current LAWS on Father’s and There Right’s to there children. This will one day be used to submit a request to revise the current laws based on why Father’s can not have equal Right’s to ther children like the mother’s. Both Mother’s and Father’s both create a child together and therefor should have equal rights to the children.

Parents Against Parental Alienation

I created this page for all the kids out there that are being kept from one of the parents due to parental alienation.
Please share with people the severity of this. It is complete child abuse and parents have rights as do the children. Give advice share stories and be supportive of parents that may be going through the same pain as you.
Now days many women tend to keep there children from the fathers due to jelousy and use the child as a pawn and levrage, this is a horrible act and it must be stopped

Protecting Father’s Rights 

Our goal is to help balance the family court system and assist Fathers that wish to be active contributors in their Children’s lives.

The first step toward creating balance is to acknowledge that there is a problem and create public awareness.

Protection For Men (Facebook Group)

“Friends of Protection For Men” is a group with a colorful and brilliant international membership dedicated to the discussion of Men’s / Fathers’ Rights & Issues.The Clubhouse (Group) Rules:1) No profanity or profanity substitutes.2) No personal attacks, name-calling, hate-speech. This includes posts that were written with the intent to bash or be personally derogatory to a group member. It’s ALWAYS okay to have a healthy, heated, and colorful debate concerning differences in ideas, ideology and philosophy..3) Please no posts where the primary content is the discussion of religion. There is no ban on religion here! However, there are plenty of other groups and places to post religious comments and have religious discussions.4) Please no posts where the primary content is conservative / liberal politics. This is a bipartisan group, there are plenty of other political groups to post political comments and have political ( conservative / liberal) discussions.5) If you block or are currently blocking any of the administrators through your Facebook privacy settings, you will be banned permanently from the group. No exceptions!Administrative Staff: Harry Crouch, Wayne Fisher, RK Hendrick, Eric Andrew Kristof, Anthony Lemons, Dwight Stitt, Attila Vinczer, and Fo PFM

Reality Vs.You

I’m a (second) wife, a mom and a (step) mom. Welcome to my world.

REAL PARENTS Don’t Keep Their Children From The Other Parent

This is for the mothers, fathers, child(ren) or just an on looker or friend, men and women out there who cant stand to see an ex partners or girl/boyfriends that wont let the other parent see their child(ren).

Children deserve to know and see both parents and have the right to contact both their parents, do the right thing, when the child(ren) get old enough then they can make there own decision. All parents have the right to have contact with their children, UNLESS SUCH CONTACT IS AGAINST THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD. We do NOT say that in all cases the kids should have contact. In certain cases, th…at contact harms the child and poses a danger to their health and/or safety. In those rare cases, we SUPPORT protecting the child from the menace of the dangerous parent. We are a children’s rights group dedicated to protecting children’s rights, which sometimes includes helping one parent protect their children from the other parent, if that other parent has been proven to be dangerous by a competent court of law.Kids should not be used as pawns in relationship split ups. It’s not the child’s fault things didn’t work out.

Real Parents Don’t Use Thier Child Support As A Paycheck

Child Support according to some CP’s is a REIMBURSMENT to THEM (CP) when in fact it is NOT.
It is to SUPPORT the CHILD & not to REWARD the CP for doing what they would/should be doing in the first place.
If you are ‘Mature’ enough to have intercourse than you should be mature enough to know the consequences of that act.
Child Support is not a CA$H REWARD for having child/ren.
According to some Custodial Parent’s (CP) Child Support is viewed as a REIMBURSMENT to THEM (CP) when in fact it is NOT.
It is to SUPPORT the CHILD & not to REWARD the CP for doing what they would/should be doing in the first place.
If you are ‘Mature’ enough to have intercourse than you should be mature enough to know the consequences of that act.
Child Support is not a CA$H REWARD for having children.
Reality Vs. You
I’m a (second) wife, a mom and a (step) mom. Welcome to my world.

Right Start Lifestyle Guide

Right Start is based on Advocacy towards families. Geared towards bettering the chances for children of today, for tomorrow. I always say “You can’t do better, til you know better.” This just may be the dose of act right you’ve been missing.Helping others discover the importance of a healthy life. It is so important to correct the mistakes made in the past, but for many how can we do that if we have no idea what they are. That is exactly what we’re here to assist


A Greek blog site for divorced fathers and the children of divorced parents. Shared Custody – Law Equality to Fathers.
ΤΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΜΑΣ ΧΡΕΙΑΖΟΝΤΑΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΥΣ ΔΥΟ ΓΟΝΕΙΣ ΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΤΑ ΑΠΟ ΕΝΑ ΔΙΑΖΥΓΙΟ” Να είναι ένα παιδί ορφανό από γονείς, από θέλημα Θεού, το καταλαβαίνω, αλλά να ορφανεύουν χιλιάδες παιδιά από θέλημα ανθρώπων και μιας δικαστικής απόφασης … είναι ΑΠΑΡΑΔΕΚΤΟ !!! “The official page in facebook of SYGAPA KOZANIS

SAVE for Falsely Accused

One in ten Americans have been falsely accused of child abuse, domestic violence or sexual asaault. June is False Allegations Awareness Month. Join us at the Connecting for Change conference June 30 in Washington, DC.
The mission of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) is to improve the effectiveness of our nation’s approach to ending domestic violence, through education, training and awareness programs.
Program Assessment, Training, Public Education and Peer Support. Join our Yahoo group for Falsely Accused:
Contact Info:
1 (301) 801-0608

Save The Turnips

Let’s stop locking people up in debtor’s prison.
Let’s give children a full relationship with both parents.
Let’s change the practice of family law and stop this madness.


Second Wives Club

Second Wife, Second Best? “In this world second thoughts, it seems, are best.” –Hyppolytus. We have already seen how in some instances friends and family and especially stepchildren regard the second wife as not being on quite the same level or of the same value as the first wife. Society is the chief offender, however, because it has not kept pace with the times, and our laws and morees still view a second wife as an adjunct to a man’s life, while offering the primary position to his first wife, even after divorce. Dealing with a former divorce, ex wives, and the ex lives, the stress can build up and make anyone feel second best.

Shared Parenting (India)

Is Kids are sole owner of his mother?
Does father has no rights for the custody of his child?
Does father is a visitor for his lovable kids? has no right on his kid?For all of the queries the Govt of India and Indian family law says “YES”.

After Divorce, one out of 2 lacks cases father wins custody only one for his lovable kid. The father can get only visitation rights to see his kids that too if his wife allows his husband to see their kid.There are lots of fathers waiting more then 13 years to see their kids.
There are lots of fathers are not able to see their kid from the birth of their kid.
There are lots of fathers dead by not visiting his lovable kids.Is is justice?Children are so sensitive, a human can make the India powerful. Single parenting to the child is abuse for the child. Children will experience the following feelings by getting single parenting1. insecurity
2. fear of abandonment
3. depression
4. sadness
5. anger
6. loneliness
7. self-blame, guilt
8. conflicted loyaltiesPlease join your hand with us to make fatherless India and press ”Like’ button to vote for the Shared parenting. Let us make powerful India .

Sincerely Stepmom

Sincerely, Stepmom: A place where stepmoms who have to deal with high conflict biological mothers can come to for some experience, strength and hope.

Standing Up Against P.A. And My Alienator

Helping others through PARENTAL ALIENATION/ HOSTILE AGGRESIVE PARENTING and learning to fight for your rights as a parent. Support where it is needed the most!

Step/Bio Parents That Refuse Drama

A place for parents to speak about the truth & NOT be two face !

Step Mothers Against Parental Alienation

This is a common ground not only for Step mothers but for anyone who has to deal with the horrors of Parental Alientation.

To support, to Rally, and to Exchange helpful information to parents going through similar ordeals. It is not as uncommon as many people may think.

Step Parenting From A “Step” Mom’s Side

A page founded, run and operated by STEP MOMS! Here we have the power to make a change! Standing together as a team as well as spokes models for others out there!

Well as a sister page to Just a Step Parent? we are here to give you a Step moms side of what it takes to raise someone elses child. Here you will find first hand what we go through.

Here you will find others dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a step parent. Here we want you to feel comfortable to share your situation with us with out judgment. Please understand this is from a STEP PARENT’S POINT OF VIEW! Please keep everything civil and act accordingly. If the administrators feel you are out of line or crossing the line, then you will be warned only once. Then after that you will be banned, blocked and reported. This is a safe site for step parents to come together and share each others lives and give advise!

Contact Info:


Step parents can be a very powerful foundation in the lives of their children. Comments by the administrators of this page are purely opinions based on personal experience and are not to be construed as professional counseling.

Our goal is to unite Step Parents, Steps Kids, Adopted Parents, Adopted Kids, and any other family that’s a product of blending. They need support from others who have been in the thick of it. So Proud to be a Step Parent!

Step moms say be positive and just start co parenting

A place for that special bonus mom and those who are raising children to relieve stress, rejuvenate, and feel good about what you are doing with your life.
I wish I could teach every parent to raise their children in a healthy environment full of love and light! Stop hating the other parent (bio moms stop treating great fathers like crap, stop using your children to get back at him and stop trying to make everyone’s lives hell) stop the lies and manipulations and start raising wonderful happy children! If you feel the same then you are in the right place! Pray for those who know no better and pray for them to learn how to take care of themselves and cope with life!

Stepmom Vs. Biomom

This site was created for Stepmoms and Biomoms to gain insight and/or give advice. The goal is to create a better understanding for each other.
Ever wanted to get inside BM’s head to figure out what she’s thinking and wonder what motivates her actions? Ever wanted to get inside SM’s head to do the same? This site was created for both BM’s and SM’s to see the perspective from both sides.To post anonymously, send me a message, and I will post the question and/or advice for you.

Stop Mental Child Abuse


This site was first inspired/created in 2009 by a small group of American parents who had been subjected to Parental Alienation and had either lost or faced loosing contact with their children due to the efforts of the other parent.

The site is privately funded and run with no affiliations either commercial or political.

At all times our aim is to;
•Keep this site and content gender nuetral
•Keep free from any commercial aspect
•Assist others wherever we can in understanding and coping with Parental Alienation
•Promote the awareness of Parental Alienation

Now in 2012, all involved enjoy a reasonable relationship with their children, all are volunteers and devote significant time to helping others.

The forum section was added in sept 2010 as a result of many saying they wanted such a facility, there are members standing by to assist but please be patient should they not answer straight away, they all have work and family commitments so aren’t always available 24/7.

We also encourage input from others either by constructive comment or suggestion on how to better this site for others, world wide, so please feel free to post.

If you come accross any links/material that would be of assistance to others please let us know so we can consider including that material into the site  

Stop Abusing The Child Support Money, You Whore-Able Wench!

Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) and/or their significant others whose finances are unethically stripped by their vindictive, careless exes for “Child Support”, at the hands of a biased, corrupt family law policy and Child Support Enforcement.
Are you tired of being ordered to pay an unreasonably large amount of Child Support your ex knowing damn well they blow it? Is your household left in a damned-near destitute state because of it? Does your Child Support Enforcement agency treat you like shit, even though you comply with their adversely biased processes?? Join this fan page to express your thoughts and help make this matter known…

so someone can do something about it!! This money needs to be audited and the system needs to be reformed!**Disclaimer** -in this forum, the word “Wench” or term “Whore-able Wench” is gender neutral. There are moms AND dads who are Child Support Abusing Wenches. It could also be your local Child Support Enforcement Agency and/or its officers, a judge, or prosecuting attorney. Basically, anyone involved or who uses the Child Support system to make your life a living hell is a Whore-able Wench!

Strong Stepmom

Encouraging stepmoms everywhere and raising awareness about alienation that may arise in a step family. If you are a stepmom looking for a positive support group feel free to join Membership is FREE!

My stepmom journey began in 2007. In 2008 alienation started to begin in my step family. I want to share my story so maybe it might help someone else.

Strong Stepmom Awareness Campaign was created because I wanted to start a campaign that spreads awareness about Alienation, Signs of a bully, and Signs of a Malicious Parent. I noticed these three things in our blended family.

We have to stop the emotional abuse.

Contact Info:

Supporting All Fathers Everywhere

Please join us in supporting SAFE – Supporting All Fathers Everywhere. SAFE promotes the rights and responsibilities of all fathers. Please “like” the Facebook page for Supporting All Fathers Everywhere and get involved by sharing your stories and comments, posting helpful resources, and making us aware of what’s going on around the world. Take a stand, make a statement, demand to be heard. We need to band together and find a way to positively make a difference. It’s time to make a change!

Supporting The Other Parent (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Seeking to support children and loving parents who are losing out on relationship with each other because of a flawed justice system that too often hands all power to the parent who has primary care.

The 4 Hidden Sisters

The Best Parent Is Both ~ Advocate For The Best Interest Of The Child

Children need both parents. Fit parents deserve equal parenting time and children deserve to have that time with both parents. Help us advocate for the best interest of children.

The Childless Stepmom

Welcome ALL those with a past or present in a blended family – each and every perspective helps us grow, change and better ourselves for our families! Connect to me via email, Facebook, Twitter and my blog at
NOT JUST FOR STEPMOMS! Blended families are the fastest growing family type in our culture and it’s not changing any time soon. This page is for EVERYONE who is has experience in a blended family. I am looking to grow and mature as a stepmother which means I need feedback from ALL perspectives!I created The Childless Stepmom as a woman who has chosen to raise a child, my “Little Bear” (or as yo…

u may see around the site, LB), that I didn’t create, with the added difficulty of having none of my own biological children to draw experience from.Being a childless stepmom is not easy. We have the freedom to revert back to being the single women we once were, free from the responsibilities of children since we have none of our own, if we wish. But instead we choose to stay in a situation we do not have to be in, because we love the man we married, and have chosen to also love his child(ren).I myself, am a custodial childless stepmom. I have the added pressure of raising this child entirely as my own, day in and day out. My SS (stepson) does not go for visits on the weekends, or any other times. He is with me (us) every day and I am expected to be all mother not just STEPmother. The mothering responsibilities aren’t shared at all which can make things difficult and complicated at times. I quickly found there was little to no support for women like myself. That’s not to say I didn’t have support from stepmothers in general, but having no biological children of my own added an entirely different boomerang to the already complicated life I’d chosen.
This community is set to reach those like me, who understand the issues and can help each other. Since we are in a highly unique situation, we can use all the help we can get from those who truly get it! I searched high and low for any type of support in this particular arena and was blown away to find that there were NO pages for childless stepmoms on here! Where is everyone?! I most certainly am not the only childless stepmom on the planet and I can’t be the only one on Facebook! While there are many active blogs and other sites dedicated to ‘our kind’, there are none on the ole FB. If you’re like me you’re on Facebook fairly often and could use an in-my-face pick me up without having to go searching far for it. I wish to provide that.I know many admins of these types of pages say they are looking for only positive and uplifting posts. I on the other hand know how frustrating this lifestyle can be and if we can’t vent to each other, who can we vent to? We are already judged for having very real, sometimes HIGHLY negative feelings and attitudes.I only ask that real names and passive/agressive attacks are kept off the page. As I intend to keep it a public page, you’ll find, if you haven’t already, that slinging mud in this situation almost always backfires, and I wish to rise above that. It is ME and YOU who have to face ourselves in the mirror knowing we’re doing the right thing and the best we can. While it’s tempting to call others out, remember the rules of karma, as it always comes through, sooner or later. Let karma do it’s job, you do YOURS which is living within your world, and not letting others waste your precious time with your family.I’ve seen karma do its work over and over during this process, and I didn’t have to do a THING except do what I do best; be one hell of a stepmom and keep others names out of my mouth, and their business out of my day. I’m hoping your main goal is a productive, healthy, highly functioning blended family. Let’s stick to achieving that as our focus ladies. I have a child to raise and a life to live, not a biomom, or husband, or family, or society to attack. Thank you.

The dadpr Project – Daughters Advocating For Daddy’s Parental Rights

Mission & Vision:
Our mission is to provide a network of like-minded individuals and groups that advocate on behalf of daughters who seek to help advocate parental rights for fathers. We focus on building and enhancing relationships between a father and his children but particularly, his daughters. We are advocates for children.We believe it is crucial to the lives of little girls and young ladi…es to have the influence of their fathers as an essential part of their youth and adulthood.Our goal is to foster and nurture the bonds that are created when a father is establishing an eternal connection to his daughter.We are a resource for awareness, education, and advocacy for all daughters (and fathers) who desire to further develop and enhance their parental bond with each other. This awareness, education, and advocacy will be acted out through legislative initiatives, library of resources, educational parenthood opportunities and a bank of increasing knowledge on pertinent issues affecting family law.We want to be a voice for the voiceless! The voice for little girls who have to grow up without the crucial influence of fathers at the hands of other adults and the societal institutions that perpetuate this irresponsibility. And the voice of fathers who lose the battle everyday at the hands of those who do not grant fair parental rights.
Contact Info:

The Father’s Rights Movement

The Fathers Rights movement made little progress towards unification over the decades, although the problems that brought it into existence and it intends to address are now more prevalent than ever.One of the primary missions of the Fathers Rights movement appears to be the fight against radical feminism. That active and effective opposition is necessary, but it is no more than a fight against problem symptoms.One of the most prominent problems in the Fathers Rights movement is subversion from within. Some of that is motivated by the hatred that gender activists have, for a variety of reasons, for all maleness — even if they are themselves male. Out of that comes dissent that prevents the Fathers Rights movement from becoming a unified social force. Some of the disagreements are over the purpose of the Fathers Rights movement or over irreconcilable ideological objectives.What should the goals and objectives of the Fathers Rights movement be? Whatever they are, what do they relate to? Should they be motivated by the wish to address an ever-escalating deluge of anti-male judgments and instances of anti-male discrimination, or should they be directed at creating the conditions that make anti-male discrimination and the persecution of fatherhood impossible?Just as when anyone who wants to build something will have to have a plan before he can even draw up blueprints for his construction project, the Fathers Rights movement needs to have a plan. Such a plan needs to relate to the purpose of what is to be constructed.Plans for a building don’t generally deal with fixing leaks in the roof. They deal instead with what the building is intended to by used for. Is it to be a football stadium, an outhouse, a bridge, a monument or a place to live in? Even if the latter, is the building to be used as a hotel or as a place for a family to raise children — the next generation of functioning, law-abiding and productive citizens?The plans for the Fathers Rights movement must not be pre-occupied with the tactics of how to deal with radical feminism or judicial inequities and anti-male legislation, although those tactics are important and should under no circumstance be neglected. More importantly, the plans for the Fathers Rights movement must deal with the reasons for its existence: the promotion and nurturance of the concept of fathers within, not without families.The Fathers Rights movement must deal with the role of fathers in the family (off-site) and in all sectors of society:

The Good Stepmothers

This page was created to be a comfortable and supporting evironment for stepmothers, especially those who have taken over the care of children with unfit biological mothers. Together we can help eachother by supporting, listening to eachother vent, and sharing experiences that will help others in their journey through life as a caring mother.I (the admin) am neither a counselor, a therapist or …

a “professional.” I would not even call myself an expert at this point…I have only been in the stepmom role since 2009…although it has been a VERY eventful journey since the begining! But because many of this page’s patrons have made requests to contact me I have now set up an email for the page:

The Next Wives Club, Inc Motivate, Inspire & Enlighten Blended Families & Victims of Parental Alienation. Promoting Harmony, Growth & Healing.Charity Linked Because We Care About The World We Live In!
Next Wives Club
Our StoryOnce upon a time in a kingdom not far from here, a Lovely Maiden/Divorce’/Single -mother found her Prince Charming~ Part Deux.

Although both had children from previous marriages, they seemed to be a match made in heaven & felt certain that their love could overcome all obstacles.Before too long, an Evil, Self Serving, Narcissistic Troll, sensing the utter bliss of the handsome Prince and his Next Wife, cast a spell upon her stepchildren, alienating them from their father and his bride. Heartbroken, the Lovely Maiden realized she was allowing outside influences derail her mission to live a happy, peaceful life. After being pushed to her limit, she decided to take her power back; so she created, The Next Wives Club, a charity-linked movement that exists to open the lines of communication between people with a common bond: Wanting to learn to live in love, peace & harmony in blended family situations. The vision of this important movement: To Motivate, Inspire and Enlighten Blended Families and Victims of Parental Alienation.Being a big believer in karma, and knowing that what she was creating was a movement, not a silly tee shirt company, she decided that a portion of all proceeds earned on her website: be donated to Colette’s Children’s Home, helping heal homelessness for women & their children.Feeling empowered, and having gathered strength in numbers as her movement began to grow exponentially, the Lovely Maiden decided from that day forward that she would never to allow anyone so beneath her try to pull her down to their despicable level or to take up space in her mind Rent Free. After all, she was The Queen of her Castle~ Owner of her Feelings ~ A Work in Progress.If you or someone you know has been harmed by the indecencies that can accompany family blending or the heartbreak, suffering and loss of child alienation, The Next Wives Club is for you! You don’t have to be a next wife to join our movement, you just have to support the cause: promoting harmony, growth & healing for step families! Be the bigger person, put family first and never use your children to harm a former partner or spouse as that will only harm your child’s spirit!
The Lovely Maiden and her handsome Prince made a commitment that together, as a team, they could overcome any and all obstacles that crossed their path. After all, they were a match made in heaven and shared a loving bond that couldn’t be broken by the likes of the Evil, Self Serving, Narcissistic Troll. More than just a line from a fairy tale, they were living proof that It’s Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After!The….Beginning ;)The Next Wives Club, so much more than just a silly tee-shirt company! When you claim to be so much more than a tee, then you should be; otherwise you’re just hocking quotes on cotton, pretending to inspire while simply padding your own pockets. Just because you wear a tee shirt with wings on it doesn’t mean your feet will magically leave the ground, they won’t. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, we realize you can’t sell what you don’t own and we are living proof that it is never too late to live happily ever after. At TNWC, we are not trying to make a living selling tee shirts. We know that true inspiration is not found on your back. We started this movement to help people suffering the indecencies that can accompany family blending and the heartbreak of parental alienation. We created a fun product line with proceeds going to help heal homelessness for women and their children. As a power couple, with very lucrative careers in sales and marketing my husband and I decided pay our good fortune forward and to give back to the community we live in.
If you are in a blended family situation or have been a victim of the horrific crime of child alienation and have grown exhausted by allowing outside influences to take up space in your mind RENT FREE, then The Next Wives Club is for you! It’s about turning negative energy into positive results. Taking back your power and refusing to allow any person, place or thing derail your mission to be happy; make peace with where you have been and all that you have overcome to get to where you are. Commit to being a work in progress. Each day brings new opportunities to make better choices. The only thing in your life that you can control is how you choose to react to situations before you. Choose to live in peace and harmony. Realize that when you use your children to harm a former partner, you are only harming your child’s spirit. Put family first ~ everything else is just static.prog·ress
[n. prog-res]
1. a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.
2. advancement in general.
3. growth or development; continuous improvement.
4. the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level.You will never be incomplete if you strive to make progress.The Next Wives Club, motivating, inspiring, enlightening and promoting harmony, growth & healing for people in blended family situations and those suffering the pain of child alienation. So much more than just quotes on cotton and narcissistic, false altruism on your back; we give back to our community with every sale because we care, because we truly are so much more than just a silly tee shirt company. It’s never too late to live happily ever after…It’s not just a line from a fairytale, my amazing husband and I are living proof! 😉 xoxo Mrs. G

Noncustodial Fathers of Children in Foster Care

Every child needs a dad they can count on. A government that separates children from their fathers for no reason is an abomination.

The Real Fathers For Justice (UK)

Campaigning Direct Action Parenting Group, raising public awareness and applying pressure on the Government for long overdue reforms in UK Family Law. Seeking investment in supporting families through parental separation and development of ongoing co-parenting support services.

There’s No Step In Parenting

If your reading this then you more than likely have an issue that you are look for help on. Hopefully this page can give that to you. It doesn’t matter if you a Biological parent having issues dealing with the “New Wife” or a Step parent trying to figure out where your place is. This is the page to turn to and look for some friendly advise. Come and share your stories and read what ever…yday people have done in your position.


I help with individuals going through Seperation and Divorce and offer my support . I am also involved with some Advocacy and bringing awarness to promote change within the Family Law Act and to promote Equal Parenting .
Working with MP’s M.P.P.’s and other organizations in Sarnia Area and across Canada ,United States in co-operation with other grou[ps who are know Nationally and Internationally.
Contact Info:
I advocate and bring awarness to suicide due to individuals going through Seperation or Divorce and Teen Suicide . We bring Facts to the table to show our Government this is a very serious issue and is destroying families and will continue to destroy future families if this is not addressed . One Canadian Male will commit suicide every three hours in the United States it is three men every hour .
Is this serious enough for you to fight for ?
They need to put families before $$$ .Remove the greed replace it with fairness .

Women For Father’s Rights:

A place for Women to come together in support of Equal Rights for Parents.We all need to realize the importance of Co-Parenting. It is detrimental to our children’s well being to ever alienate a Parent from their child. Unfortunately, the courts are about 40 years behind society on this matter, as they continually only do what is best for their pocket book, and in the process enable these High Con…flict Parents to get away with some of the worst things possible. Until the courts begin to back what is truly fair, and major family law reform occurs, Parents will continue to alienate one parent. Hopefully, the more people begin to stand up for what is best for our children, the more the courts will begin to do the same.

X is a Mysogynistic Manipulator

Maternal alienation is abuse. You are not crazy and you are not alone. There are fathers out there who would rather destroy their ex-wives and children than to pay child support or lose control of their family.

Unites States


The Whole Family

The Whole Family is a coaching and mentoring practice that helps parents manage the day to day challenges of parenting as well as the transitions in their children’s lives to create stronger family bonds. We provide parents with tools to achieve “family wholeness” by combining evidence-based curriculum with real life effective relationship skills.

1 480.420.9551 


Divorce With Dignity Network

Divorce with Dignity is a national organization that helps our clients achieve a divorce without litigation that is safe, fair, as easy as possible depending on their circumstances, and saves them thousands of dollars. We certainly hope that both parents will be involved in raising their children together as much as possible. 

Sacramento County Fathers’ Rights

The Sacramento County Fathers’ Rights page is to gain awareness to the gross negligence of the Sacramento Family court system. Sacramento family courts have no regard for their own governing rules, constitutional rights of the people they serve, and are responsible for destroying family bonds in the process. All while padding their own wallets, and those of their associates. (Mediators, Minors C…ounsel, Counseling, etc).The State of California needs to make some serious and immediate changes to how they manage family law. This last year the State conducted audits of Sac. County and Marin County family courts, and found massive problems including conflict of interest and unqualified mediators, just to name a few. The Audit reviewed cases from 2006-2010. The courts adopted “2011 Rules of the Court” Which is supposed to correct some of these issues, however, they continue to carry on in the same way they always have.
If you or someone you know has had family law issues, in Sacramento County or California, please contact us at


Childrens Rights Florida

Fighting to preserve Parent–Child relationships to improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation/divorce.

Contact Info:

Divorce With Dignity Network

Divorce with Dignity is a national organization that helps our clients achieve a divorce without litigation that is safe, fair, as easy as possible depending on their circumstances, and saves them thousands of dollars. We certainly hope that both parents will be involved in raising their children together as much as possible. 

Juvenile Incompetency and American Jurisprudence

This is a depository of current state and federal case law for children who are (1) mentally ill, mentally retarded or autistic and (2) are charged with committing a felony and (3) the question of their competence to proceed to trial has been raised. Federal and state due process protections prohibits an individual being tried while incompetent – see Dusky – Pate – Hill – Ja…mes. (see below)

– – Juvenile Incompetency and American Jurisprudence is a nonpolitical professional site dedicated to due process protections of children with special needs – –

The focus of this site is for children who are experiencing difficulties or have become caught up in the juvenile justice system as a result of an alleged felony and suspicion that the child or youth may not be competent to proceed to trial. The underlying issue of these children being their attempt to deal with their mental illness, retardation or autism. To restate – both federal and state law prohibit the “trying” of an individual while incompetent.

The case law presented here is reflective of one aspect of my work as the state forensic coordinator – to ensure the court and its’ personnel were committing children the department for competency restoration – in the manner prescribed by the guidelines set forth in section 985.19 Florida Statutes, 2012, and Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure – 8.095(9)(d). 2012. That is, the child be given a proper clinical diagnosis and the commitment be based on that and be afforded their due process rights under both state and federal constitutions – and not be committed without it.

I leave this information for the next state coordinator of this program – their staff and for advocates as well. The information shared here is important safeguards that should not be taken lightly – or assume that those who should be watching out for the children are. This is a nonpolitical site.

Michael Sorrell


The KOA Foundation

Standing up for children’s rights to have both parents in their lives equally.
The Koa Foundation is dedicated to help those who are strong, brave, and willing to stand up for a childs birthright to have both caring and loving parents in their life equally.


Divorce With Dignity Network

Divorce with Dignity is a national organization that helps our clients achieve a divorce without litigation that is safe, fair, as easy as possible depending on their circumstances, and saves them thousands of dollars. We certainly hope that both parents will be involved in raising their children together as much as possible.


Father’s Rights

Jeffery M. Leving received his Juris Doctor from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law in 1979. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. His professional associations include the Chicago and Illinois Bar Associations and the Federal Trial Bar; and the Decalogue Society of L…awyers. Leving has been named one of “America’s Best Lawyers” by Forbes Radio and selected by his peers as one of Illinois’ top attorneys.
He is the author of two groundbreaking books. “Fathers’ Rights” (Basic Books), published in 1997, presents hard-hitting and fair advice for every father involved in a custody dispute. It is the definitive work on the subject. Leving’s most recent book, “Divorce Wars” (HarperCollins) is a field guide to the winning tactics, preemptive strikes, and top maneuvers when divorce gets ugly. 

Illinois Fathers

The mission of Illinois Fathers, an Illinois Not for Profit Corporation, is to assist non-custodial parents in maintaining a meaningful and substantial relationship with their children and to educate the general public about the importance of such parent/child relationship.


Fathers Rights Indiana 

Thanks for liking the page! I started Father’s Rights in Indiana because I am a father who is going through the court and had no info on the laws or how to even go about to getting my rights as a father. My personal story is on the page if you’d like to read into it more. My page has become more of a community to help others gain knowledge of there rights as a father in Indiana and how to proceed …to anything the need help with. We have many people who will respond on new poster’s problems and I will personally search for information that I don’t know or haven’t heard of. I try to keep my page up to date with the current father’s rights movement in Indiana and also have posters who help keep the community informed as well. I’m glad to see this page started to unite all the other’s father’s rights groups out there! Thanks for the support!


Fathers For Equal Rights

Fathers for Equal Rights is firmly dedicated to changing the way the court system views custody battles. Most custody battles end with the father just getting visitation. We intend to change that. We work with both party’s to try to reach a mutual decision before going to court. We even take it a step further, for instance if both party’s can’t or refuse to get along we help them get counseling. We don’t just want to change the way the court system views custody battles, we want to ensure kids have a bright future regardless of their parents situation.

Currently we work in the Maryland area but we hope to expand to all over the tri-state region as soon as we complete our research and become more knowledgeable with the laws in those regions. 

House of David, Advocates for Fathers

House of David is a community organization that assists and develops Fathers in various stages and transitions of parenting plans to assume a greater role in the lives of their Children through active participation in all aspects of growth and development. By addressing the needs of Fathers, House of David provides a network of community and external family support resources to enhance parenting skills and to enrich the lives of both Fathers and Children.


  • To provide Fathers with the proper skills to increase the number of court awarded shared custody and parenting plans in the metropolitan Baltimore area.
  • To assist Fathers by providing training to develop and enhance existing skills necessary to increase the quality of parental care.
  • To become a recognized expert resource for building a support network for Fathers providing care for children.

Contact Info:

Phone:  443.955.3103




Parents Against Parental Alienation (PAPA)

“Every word and deed of a parent is a fiber woven into the character of a child that ultimately determines how that child fits into the fabric of society”
David WilkersonTo find out more information about Parental Alienation please visit

PAPA brings families fractured by divorce Together. Are you a parent who’s lost a child or an adult alienated child?
Join PAPA and learn from others who have achieved resolution in their losses caused by divorce.The “Reunification Project” started because a 67 year old PAPA Member recognized the hole in his heart caused by too many years without his children and not having his grandchildren in his life. Dave realized that he gave up at the time (15 years ago) on his kids because of how he was labeled and scapegoat–and wants to do something about it! He no longer is letting shame and fear stop him from claiming the love that is his and his children’s (and grandchildren’s) birthright.David is visiting senior centers, AA Meetings, and even nursing homes and posting this notice: “Have you lost contact with your children for more than seven years because of a false restraining order or divorce action issued by Massachusetts courts? I have and I’m seeking legal remedies and other strategies to connect with my children. If you want to set the record straight, like I do – please call me.There’s a lost generation of fathers, and children without their legacy. Too often fathers are treated as if they’re disposable. Many of us know others who have experience relationship estrangement and alienation. If you are an adult child with a “lost” parent , or a parent in search of his child and would like to discuss intervention strategies to claim lost relationships, or encourage others to learn more about reconciliation/reunification approaches, please call Jeffrey Parks, LMFT. Mr. Parks Is coordinator of the “Reunification Project.” His work phone is 508 877-3660×5. He is a practicing family therapist specializing in divorce trauma recovery, high-conflict relationships, Parenting Coordinator and reunification specialist.

Massachusetts for Shared Parenting

I have started this page in order to raise awareness of several shared parenting bills that exist in the House and the Senate. S.659 and H.2244. These bills would allow children to be able to spend equal time with both parents after a divorce or separation. As of right now the courts are not allowing most children adequate time with the Father. Children are already affected enough by parents that have split, let’s help alleviate some of the pain and allow the children to have that equal time to both parents.


Friends Against The Friends of the Court

If you have a child support case in the state of Michigan, then the Friend of the Court is not a friend of yours. Use this page to voice your concerns. Who knows, good change may happen!!
This is a forum for those who have been wrongfully mistreated in child support/custody cases with Michigan’s Friend of the Court. Like this page to express your views and exchange ideas. And invite your friends!


Mississippi Grandparents Against Parental Alienation

Mississippi Parental Alienation Awareness

Parental Alienation (PA) & Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP) deprive children the right to love & be loved by one or both of their parents and their immediate family members.

The purpose of this page is to bring awareness and education of the destruction & devastion caused by PA & HAP. If the general public would realize that this problem exists, they would also realize the emotional harm it causes to children. Our children need your help!!

Supporting Father’s & Their Rights

A father’s right to spend time with his children is such a basic desire. Supporting Fathers & Their Rights provides emotional support for fathers dealing with child custody, child visitation, and any fatherly issues that they need addressed. We became a part of Facebook November 2009. We know that it takes a man & woman to make a child. The father should have as many rights as the mother ….esp…ecially when they want to be a part of their life. We are a support group dedicated to providing support, suggestions and links to fathers so they can take the necessary measures to be a part of their children’s lives. We also give them support in coping with alienation of affection by the other parent.

New York

Dad’s Rights Coalition Of New York

This is your page to vent positively. Parents that have been wronged by the system or significant others need support. This page is the place to get advice and let it all out!

North Carolina

North Carolina Fathers

NC Fathers is an activist group of Fathers and Paternal Family Members who are seeking change in the NC Courts and with Legislators to secure equal rights and access to their children
Contact Info:


Caring Fathers of Pennsylvania

Children deserve to have both parents and fathers shouldn’t have to fight for that right! It should be automatic!
Contact Info:


Dads of Tennessee

Our goal is to bring about changes in the domestic laws of our state to empower divorced fathers as equal partners in parenting. Our purpose is to allow fathers to father, mothers to mother, and for children to receive the love and support of both parents. Our belief is that everyone will benefit: fathers, mothers, grandparents — but especially children.

Stand Up For Unwed Father’s Rights

A Social Community Link To Promote And Support Changes For Unwed Fathers Rights.

Please feel free to use our page to educate. Our parents are mostly young and poor and can use all the support they can get!

Together Our Voice Is Loud, Together We Can Bring Change!



Parental Alienation Awareness In Austin

This page is dedicated to raising awareness for the sake of target parents and children who are victims of the abuse parental alienation.

If more people knew about how Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive parenting works, and how damaging these behaviors are to children, then more people can help deal with the problem.

With awareness and education will come social change. Just as now one can’t slap a child, or smoke while pregnant, without everyone knowing that is not acceptable behavior, when social change happens, parents behaving in parental alienation or hostile aggressive parenting behaviors will be recognized. These adults will understand how their behavior hurts their own children, and if they choose to do it regardless, they will not be able to get away with their behavior as easily as today.

There are many professionals such as judges, lawyers, psychiatrists, teachers, police officers, as well the general public that have no idea this problem exists, or if they do, don’t realize the harm it does. The aim of the Awareness Day is to make everyone aware of these problems and encourage the alienating, hostile aggressive parents to seek help.

Pro Se Advocates

“Helping you help yourself in court” Representing yourself in court is a daunting task. We are here to help.
Pro Se” is Latin meaning “for self”. “Advocate” means a person who publicly supports a particular cause. I support the cause of Pro Se litigants working to enforce their child custody rights. An attorney advises and determines the direction of a case, and prepares documents in draft form and argues before the court. This is the job a Pro Se litigant takes on. However, an attorney has a legal team to assist in research, type documents, handle preparing/delivering/receiving correspondence, organizing case information, and so much more. That is my job. I am your legal secretary.
I provide specialized clerical services to individuals who are representing themselves Pro Se. I specialize in child custody cases. I am not licensed to practice law therefore I am not able to provide clients with legal advice or prepare the initial draft of legal documents. I do offer other services for all steps of the legal process that help my clients prepare and present a winning case. I streamline the process of research. I type final documents from client prepared drafts. I furnish document samples that are publicly available for clients that do not have access to a computer or library. I provide professional word processing services of clients final drafts of documents. I provide document organization services that enable a client to effectively manage their case and keep it up to date. I provide correspondence services that compliment organization of clients cases. I offer document retrieval service and document delivery service. I provide presentation coaching services to help clients polish their delivery of testimony, argument and evidence in the courtroom.
My goal as a presentation coach is to see my clients enter the courtroom confidently. Some Pro Se litigants prefer a physical presence of support as they present their case to the court. I provide a personal representative service to quietly assist in guiding clients through the presentation of their case. This helps the client stay focused on their presentation while I keep documents and evidence organized and help to prompt the client throughout the presentation should a litigant lose track of the order in which they wanted to present evidence or testimony. It is my experience that many litigants want to stand up for their rights when denied access to their children. Many causes prevent them from doing this. Some have time constraints due to work obligations that prevent them from effectively researching and organizing a case. Sometimes language barriers prevent a person from effectively communicating with authorities and the courts. There are those who have health conditions which prevent them from effectively organizing a case to protect their rights and their child’s rights and present it in court. I provide the support you need to present a successful case. I seek to fill a void among the disadvantaged of our community who cannot afford an attorney yet are dissatisfied with the legal aid services available. I provide affordable support throughout the legal process. I am a guide through the maze of available public information and a support system managing many of the critical details required in managing your court case. The majority of Pro Se litigants have a full-time job and family. It is very difficult to make the time available to effectively build a successful case. That is when services such as mine can make the difference.


Divorce With Dignity Network

Divorce with Dignity is a national organization that helps our clients achieve a divorce without litigation that is safe, fair, as easy as possible depending on their circumstances, and saves them thousands of dollars. We certainly hope that both parents will be involved in raising their children together as much as possible.

Repeal RCW 26.19.090

Repeal RCW 26.19.090 ~ We at Repeal RCW 26.19.090 assert that the determination of a child’s best interest with regard to postsecondary educational support shall be the sole and exclusive prerogative of that child’s parents and, further, that it is the inalienable fundamental right of parents to structure the kind, amount, and timing of such support, based upon the parents’ singular and superior knowledge of their child’s individuality, in a way that maximizes the child’s individual potential.

Washington State’s Postsecondary Support Statute (RCW 26.19.090) falls short on 2 counts: (1.) RCW 26.19.090 Interferes with Divorced Parents’ “Fundamental Right to Parent” and (2.) RCW 26.19.090 Unreasonably discriminates between potential college students based solely on the marital status of their parents.Washington State’s Postsecondary Support Statute (RCW 26.19.090) is Unconstitution becau…

se it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.This Statute discriminates against Divorced Parents as to the exercise of their “Fundamental Right to Parent,” which the U.S. Supreme Court first recognized in Meyer v. Nebraska and Pierce v. Society of Sisters, and recently reaffirmed in Troxel v. Granville.Yes, the Washington State Legislature arguably has a compelling interest in the education of its children. However, the U.S. Supreme Court in Pierce v. Society of Sisters, held that a state‘s interest in educating its populace is not more compelling than a parent‘s fundamental right to raise his or her children. See: Pierce v. Soc‘y of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 (1925) (invalidating a state law requiring all children to attend public schools because it interfered with parents‘ fundamental rights to raise their children).
Allowing the marital status of a child‘s parents to be the threshold factor in determining whether or not he or she should receive financial support for college is completely arbitrary and capricious.Neither Washington case law nor Washington statute entitles a Washington child to a college education. Why, then, can any noncustodial parent in Washington be judicially compelled to provide something that they are not required to provide?While “minimizing the disadvantages to children of divorced parents” is certainly a laudable goal, the heretofore unanswered question remains: “Are children of divorced parents the ONLY children whose supposed disadvantage is legitimate enough to compel state involvement?”The Washington State Legislature needs to know that the Correct answer is a resounding, “No.”We urge you to contact your representative today. Not sure Who that is or how to reach her/him? Click here for answers to those questions: Washington State Legislature needs to hear from ALL of its citizens – even those who no longer reside in Washington State but who are “constructively” entitled to a voice in the Washington State Legislature as they remain subject to a Washington State Court Order of Child Support – that RCW 26.19.090 is Unconstitutional for 2 reasons:
1.) RCW 26.19.090 unconstitutionally discriminates against divorced parents as to the exercise of their “Fundamental Right to Parent”,and(2.) RCW 26.19.090 unreasonably discriminates between potential college students based solely on the marital status of their parents.To Learn More:
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