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Doha Delights

Support Nadia and Jackson’s choice to live and be educated in Doha.
The purpose of this page is to give a factual account of Jackson’s and Nadia’s lives here in Doha, Qatar. The children are thriving in a very diverse and stimulating environment. They attend one of the best school’s in all of the Middle East and live in a safe, spacious and kid friendly neighborhood. Their weekends are filled with activities including ice skating, camping, beach trips and sleep ov…

ers with their many close friends. Nadia and Jackson also have access to first class health and dental care.

Currently their biological mother is attempting to force the kids to return to Indonesia through a variety of damaging tactics and refuses to directly communicate with their father. These include but are not limited to emailing our colleagues, supervisors and even potential employers. Because they are unable to work within the legal channels available to them both in Indonesia and Qatar, the biological mother and her supporters have created a sensationalist Facebook page which serves only to disseminate disinformation and ultimately put pressure on the school that the children attend. She does this to avoid having an honest discussion about the merits of Nadia and Jackson staying with their father. She agreed that it was best for the children last year, but now is trying reneg on this promise due to her changing circumstances.

We have to wonder what kind of a mother would seek to have her children removed from a school and traumatized by the loss of close friendships, loving parents and abrupt changes in their lives. Nadia is ten years old and the trauma that has been caused and continues to result from her mother’s actions is permanent and will affect her emotional development for years to come. Jackson is five and is beginning to read. Disrupting his education at this critical and often overlooked stage of forming his educational foundations could have disastrous results in both his attitudes towards school as well as his emotional development. Does the bio-mom even consider the massive damage that would result by forcing her children out of their current school and into a school where they do not even speak the language? Nia Agriani is not putting her children’s welfare first, she is putting her selfish, personal vendetta against the children’s father and stepmother above all else. There is no other way to explain her incredibly thoughtless actions. Rule #1: Always put the children’s needs first.

Nadia and Jackson have made it clear that they desire to remain in Doha with their father and stepmother. They do welcome mom to come and visit and see how great life is for them! Sadly Nadia and Jackson’s pleas have not been acknowledged by their mother and others who continue to violate their rights to happiness and education. Nadia and Jackson want to make their desire to stay in Doha and live the life of IB educated, third culture kids clear to family, friends and the world. We are here to help them do that.

They are loved, cared for and have everything a child could want. Why would anyone want to take that away from them?

Paul T.H. Rogers: Abducted and Missing – Please Help Find Me

* Orlando, Florida MISSING Child, 9 * Link to FDLE Law Enforcement Missing and Endangered Poster
Paul TH Rogers was a “no show” for 3rd grade at Pizzo Elementary School in Tampa Fl on 8/23/11 : L.E. & CPS are both unable to locate Paulie. He was last confirmed seen in Orlando FL @ the Wet n Wild Waterpark 7/31/11. If you have seen Paulie please call 1-800-The-Missing 1-800-843-5678 *** CPS has classified his disappearance as high risk **** From A B @ Broadcastthemissing – Law enforcement ha…

s informed Paul’s father that they believe Merrie has taken Paul out of the State of Florida and possibly is residing in Seattle WA, Dallas, TX or Ann Arbor MI. It’s believed that she is deep in hiding and only people who could be helping would know who she is and where she is. The public is being asked to help spread the message via social media by way of sharing fliers and information in an attempt to locate Paul and Merrie.Public and Court records confirm that Paul’s mother had a suicidal crisis in Sept 2009 and was diagnosed as suffering from BiPolar and she has told the Courts just prior to their disappearance that she is off her meds. Both Paul, and his mother could be in danger due to this.

if you see them or have any knowledge of their whereabouts, you can Anonymously call or contact below :

If you have any information please call the Orlando Police Department 1-407-246-2470
24-Hour Hotline National Center for
1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

The 4 Hidden Sisters

The 4 hidden sisters: a page dedicated to supporting the law-abiding father involved in the high profile case of child abduction between Italy and Australia. We also support the girls who never had a voice when they were removed from Italy.
In June 2010, four Italian sisters arrived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with their Australian-born mother for what was supposed to have been a four week holiday. They were never returned to their loving father in Italy (who had shared custody with his ex-wife) and left behind family and friends who miss them dearly. They were 6 – 12 years old at the time.The father immediately took steps…

through the legal system to return his beloved daughters, via the Hague Convention on Child Abduction – which both Australia and Italy are signatories to. For two years he has patiently worked his way through the legal system, with the courts finding the girls were unlawfully removed from Italy and should be returned there.In a last-minute bid to keep the girls in Australia, the sisters were taken into hiding; in breach of the Family Court orders, by members of the maternal family. They disappeared for more than a week before being found by police.
Another maternal family member was successful in a bid to have an appeal made to the High Court of Australia in August. This means the girls and their father are in limbo until then, awaiting that appeal.

This page was established by members of the girls’ Italian family while they were in hiding.
We support the law-abiding father, who is undergoing the fight of his life to see justice upheld and to have his daughters in his life again.
We support the four girls who never had a voice when they were taken from Italy. We want the girls to have both parents in their life… and their life has been Italy for 12+ years. We do not want the girls to suffer, or be deprived of either parent.

Justice For Keegan Reese Fishel

This page is in memory of Keagan Reese Fishel. We want everyone’s support. We want to keep you informed and most importantly we want to bring attention to Child Abuse and bring an end to end. In memory of Keagan.
A Liberty Township man was formally charged today in connection with the death of his girlfriend’s infant son.Willis was also charged with a Class D felony count of battery, punishable by a term of six months to three years.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by Det. Eric Jones of the Porter County Sheriff’s Police, at 2:22 p.m. March 8 officers and EMS personnel were dispatched to…

Willis’ home in response to a 911 call about a “baby gasping for breath.”EMS personnel at the scene, Jones stated in his affidavit, subsequently noted “swelling and crunching of bones on the back” of the head of Keagan Fishel, 7 months. Keagan was airlifted to a children’s hospital in Indianapolis, where the attending physician diagnosed “an impact injury,” described “the force required to inflict such an injury”—which “could have been caused by a fist or a hand”—as “violent and extremely forceful,” and indicated that Keagan “would not have been verbal or conscious after the impact occurred.”

Keagan was pronounced dead at 8:45 a.m. March 10.

In an autopsy conducted on March 12, forensic pathologist Dr. Ken Obenson determined that Keagan died of blunt force trauma to the head. “The injuries seen to (Keagan’s) skull were severe, with multiple fractures and hemorrhages within and outside the skull,” Jones stated. “Dr. Obenson stated that this type of injury does not occur by a slip, a fall, or even if a child were accidentally dropped during a bath.”

Keagan’s mother, Sasha Sabates—described by relatives and friends as “never (displaying) angry or violent tendencies or responses to her children,” Jones stated—gave investigators this account of the events prior to her discovery of Keagan, injured, in his crib:
•At 10:30 a.m. Sabates’ 2-year-old son woke up.

•At 11 a.m. she gave the 2-year-old and Keagan a bath.

•At 12:30 p.m. she gave Keagan a bottle and laid him down for a nap.

•At 12:45 p.m. she went into the master bedroom to shower, taking the 2-year-old with her.

•At 1 p.m. Sabates finished her shower and Keagan “was quiet.”

•A short time later, Willis left the residence to purchase pop and cigarettes, then returned. Around this time Sabates “realized it should almost be time for (Keagan) to wake up and went into the kitchen to start to prepare a bottle.”

•At this point Willis told her that Keagan was “fussing” and then walked “down the hallway in the direction of the boys’ room for a few minutes.” When Willis returned, Sabates asked him whether he actually entered the boys’ room and he said that he did not, “only half-way.” Sabates herself went to the door of the boys’ room and “heard (Keagan) was quiet.”

•After finishing Keagan’s bottle, Sabates went to fetch Keagan and “immediately saw that he had vomited on himself a lot and was very pale. She knew something was wrong. She immediately picked (Keagan) up and ran outside to yell for Willis to call 911.”

•Willis “looked at (Sabates) strangely,” Jones stated. “She had to yell several times, without Willis reacting much, before he finally responded and came over near her. Since both of their cell phones had been turned off the day before, according to Willis, he had to go to the neighbor’s to use a phone.”

InterviewsOver the course of the next few days, investigators interviewed several persons acquainted with Willis.

Sabates herself advised that, in February, she suspects that Willis hurt Keagan when she left the infant alone with him in the car while she went into a convenience store, Jones stated. On returning to the car, Keagan had a “red mark on the outside” of his eye, which later developed into a bruise.

In addition, Sabates, Willis’ ex-girlfriend, and Willis’ ex-roommate all told investigators that they have seen Willis abuse his two pitbull dogs, punching them “when he was angry with them” and slamming the door on the dogs’ heads and bodies, Jones stated.

In connection with those allegations, Willis has also been charged with torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal and with animal cruelty.

Willis himself denied hurting the infant, advised that he “was certain (Sabates) would not do this to her son,” and tentatively offered two theories as to what happened, Jones stated: either that his ex-girlfriend entered the residence and “injured” Keagan or that Sabates dropped her son while giving him a bath. Willis, however, was committed to neither theory, indicated later that he didn’t believe his ex-girlfriend was involved, and added that the plastic bathtub wasn’t “hard enough to cause the type of injury that (Keagan) sustained to his head,” Jones stated.

Willis further acknowledged having once had anger problems in high school and admitted to texting his ex-girlfriend and “threatening” her as well as slashing her tires, Jones stated.

Finally, although Willis advised that his cell phone and Sabates’ had been turned off the previous day, a witness told investigators that, while assisting at the residence prior to EMS arrival, he heard a cell phone “ringing inside the house with a country song ring tone,” Jones stated. Willis, for his part, advised that he used to have a country song ring tone but “changed it a couple of months ago.”

Zach (Zman) McDonald

This page and website are focused on loving memories of Zach McDonald and transforming our grief from loss into positive energy that can be used to prevent the tragedy of youth suicide.
Zach McDonald is one of the most loving, generous and caring souls I have ever known. He went out of his way to help others even when it meant giving up something he was saving for to do it. We hope to create something positive out of this tragedy by doing what he did best – helping others.We are working to establish a not for profit in Zach’s name with the hope of making a positive difference f…

or kids. Every day the tragedy of teenage suicide claims more of our children. Whether you are a survivor or someone who just loves children, we need you.Below is a peek at some of our initial objectives. Learn more about ways you can help us help our youth at

Initial Objectives:

1. Provide a religion free zone where survivors of suicide can heal through shared support with opportunities to make a positive difference through prevention.

2. Promote awareness & prevention of the growing issue of teenage suicide & awareness of emotional/mental illness both for the general public & our public services such as schools and police.

3. Offer free or sliding scale (based on real numbers – not gross income) counseling & legal assistance regardless of marital status or placement arrangements with flexibility in availability.

4. Support legislation & tools to allow community services such as schools & police the ability to intervene for emotional needs at least equal to the tools in place to intervene for physical needs.

5. Support legislation & tools to promote accountability for community services such as schools & police for failure to be responsive to emotional red flags – especially when reported by one or both parents and/or teachers.6. Support legislation and tools to allow our children the counseling privacy they need.


Contact Info:


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