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Family’s in, but jury’s out

Where strangely normal, but overly real family antics can be shared and laughed with. Life’s too short not to be entertained.
The daily do’s of a rather large but quirky family which includes an Insomniac Mum, a Steadfast Stepdad/dad, a Gentleman, a Gemini Chef, Missy Sweetpea, a Teenage Troll, Little Miss Mischief, a guard cat and LMM’s imaginary friend, Henry….who just happens to be a 6ft tall Spider

Local Celebutante

Just another page collecting humor, sarcasm, and open venting. This is my grown up alter ego so little kiddies are not allowed to read my ideas, shares, and ventings. This page is not for trolls, so BE GONE! You wanna complain about something, think about

Love is like a rumor, Everyone talks about it, But no one truly knows

Like if you hate being ignored ☻

My Soapbox

Get over it.

N’Spire Me Radio

Enriching Lives & Touching Souls Thru Entrepreneurship, Artistry, Fashion & Music, By Offering A Platform 4 Members 2 Network Nationwide!

Reality Vs. You

Getting out what I can’t always say
I’m a (second) wife, a mom and a (step) mom. Welcome to my world.

The Alliance For Self-Preservation

Inspire & Empower.
An online community for advocates, survivors, and supporters.

One thought on “Inspirational, Funny, and Generally Cool FB Pages That Support Equal Parenting

  1. Welfare takes my income all my taxes my wifes taxs. N note i did not know her in 1995. They use my step sons income. Child support from his dad he is 13 yrs old and ive been paying since 1995 n im still 33,000 in debt in arrears. At a 480.00 per month support obligation the county of fresno ca took over 1,000 to 1,200 per month. For the past 15 yrs. n i have all the legal paper work to back this. So i take it to court. Lawyer shows out of 5 yrs of halliburton check stubs a 39,000 $ over garnishment. It goes to trial. Lawyer female lawyer out of visalia ca quites the case. And eliminates all debt owed. She faught that case for a year. 20 yrs as a lawyer n not one complaint. Come on. !!!! Welfare was not intended to be fair. We support the unworking We get up early n oay there bills we let them sleep in WE need to research what we are investing in. It will not fet better. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We r the one shaking our money maker. I put in 130 per week I cant any more im wore out. So now what Who cares im Just a payee. On fresno countys garnishment list since 1993. Oh by the way after my lawyer quite. They did an audit on my case. I was to have been billed 96,000 since 1994-till 2012. The audit showed i was garnished 189,000$. So the thanks to the dead beat dad. Hey, there are real dads that dont quite when welfare robs them. Its been tough but. My 17 yr old son works n has 3 cars of his own all paid my 10 yr old daughter plays elctrk guitar n is A honer roll my step son is doing very well my 8 yr old daughter is A honer roll n they are both respectful young ladies. As for The custodial parent. Her sons are doing just as they wont. Wake up At 3pm dont work smoke weed all day n say its all natureal. N tell me that they will ride the child support as long as they can. Good luck Welfare n i hope you all find a way to fix what you all created little junior dont wanna work. You all showed him that he dont have to. If he was with me He would never be on Welfare and he would never had become a drug addict or a codepentent Welfare Destroys. But hey there makin Money Keep on pimpn or kid$$$$$$$ we can do nothing about it. But the future you make these kid)$). Is the future of the U S. Oh n by the way. Oh

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